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“we were on a BREAK”

Synopsis : Phoebe is on date with a fancy non english speaking guy. Monica tags along for the translator. Ross and Rachel have a massive fight– does not end well (dun dun dunnnn). Joey and Chandler hit on the Xerox copy girl.

This post will have lessons and my opinion on what i think what a “break is”

Lesson #1: Open minds allow for deeper understanding.    This is prominent for Ross. Ross takes his job very seriously, in fact, Ross and Rachel’s first date was at the museum where Ross works!!!! Having equal understanding between each other where work is just as important, if not more, than a relationship is extremely important for an healthy relationship. Ross lacks that; which, leads to the infamous “we were on a break scene”

Lesson #2: DON’T HOOK UP WITH SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY BREAKING UP WITH PREVIOUS SIGNIFICANT OTHER. In a relationship myself, breaks have really helped us. I feel they allow a broader and clearer perspective. It was not my first thought to bang someone else, and I’m sure my significant other did not want to either. Ross went to the bar and hooked up. Rachel stayed home and waited for Ross. The important part about Rachel here is: Rachel can have anyone over and Ross shouldn’t be upset. When there isn’t anything going on, don’t be jealous because it ruins and tarnishes everything. Rachel has told Ross multiple times that there isn’t anything going on between her and Mark, so Ross needs to grow emotionally and accept that. Don’t let your “crazy paranoid freaking out about your ex (who was a lesbian therefore has no control over not loving Ross anymore) ruin your present and future relationship”

Lesson #3: Don’t lie. Be honest. Ross runs around in the next episode “The one with the morning after” trying to hide his trail. I can assure you lying and covering up is not healthy. If you would want to be with the person honesty is the best policy, also if you are lying about something than you know something is wrong. Adjust your perspective and talk it out.

My opinion:

After years and years of watching FRIENDS, I can confidently say I agree with Rachel. The break was right and Ross had no right or sense to hook up with someone the same day. He does not at all get away it by “being on a break” and I count it as cheating.

Talk it out, don’t run away. Don’t let jealously ruin something so fricken special. And DO NOT SLEEP WITH SOMEONE RIGHT AFTER BREAKING UP WITH SOMEONE.

Thats all folks!

Much love: Amer

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The lesbian wedding

Season 2, Episode 11

Synopsis: Rachel finds out her mother might be leaving her father. Phoebe’s client passes away on her massage table and her spirit doesn’t want to leave. Ross’s ex wife is getting married. Joey is on his first TV show! Chandler is chilling.

Lesson #1: Don’t knock what you don’t believe. Something as interesting as a spirit entering someone’s body may also be confusing to some, but that does not mean you should take away that belief. Joey was so understanding to Phoebe when she was going through this “event”. For me, it was warming to see a different kind of situation take place on a TV show. With it being such a “funny” and “unknown” topic, it was nice seeing how they portrayed it. They did not make Phoebe seem “crazy”, but something apart of her personality, something that makes Phoebe Pheebs.

Lesson #2: It is easier to live life being happy for someone rather than bitter. Ross is upset and decides not to attend his ex wife and mother to his child wedding to her partner, Susan Bunch. “They already live together, why do they need to get married?” is a line from Ross, and sadly, what a lot of individuals think when it comes to gay marriage. The running joke through out the show is Ross likes to get married. So, he knows exactly why people want to get married. To celebrate their love with there families and friends, to officially honour there relationship though there means of religion, for tax reasons! Theres a trillion reasons why marriage is important for a couple, no matter the type of couple. At the end, Ross finally comes around because him and Susan agree that the wedding is for themselves and not anyone. Ross walks Carol down the isle because Carol’s parents don’t want to come due to who Carol is marrying. Which ties in my first sentence. Living life is easier by being happy for someone rather than bitter. It is easier to walk your daughter down the isle and be happy for her than miss out on her big day because of some belief in a book.

Thats all for today, folks!!

Much love.


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!! New Series Alert !!

Hello there,

So, for those who don’t know or do that those and this can just be a friendly reminder. I AM A HUGE FRIENDS FAN. I watch the TV show almost everyday– like even when I’m showering lol. I have all the DVDS– main reason why i got a laptop with a DVD thingy in it– I know all the extra feature scenes, and I can basically recite each episode. As I got older, I started to notice certain aspects from the TV show the shine a light on current events. For example, relationships. Ross and Rachel did not have the greatest relationship and that was very well showed in the show; where as, Chandler and Monica had a rather “better one”.

Furthermore, I have decided to dedicate this summer to my favourite TV show and point out episodes and the lesson behind them.

The inspiration was along time coming, I always like tell my friends the lesson I gained from each episode. However, I had to do an essay about why i think Friends is such a good TV show, and writing it out was difficult because I have so many reasons as to why I think it’s a good show. So, introducing my blog! Here, I am choosing to share these thoughts and lessons. I really really hope you all appreciate it!

Here is my first post:

Season 1 Episode 12: The one with the dozen lasagnas 

Synopsis: Monica makes 12 lasagnas that were supposed to be veggie but she made meat. Joey and Chandler have to buy a table. Ross finds out the sex of his child. Rachel and Phoebe have to deal with a fuckboi.

Lesson #1: Friends was the first TV show to have a lesbian couple and to have a child raised by three parents. The producers were expecting a bunch of complaints; however, only received 3 COMPLIMENTS! In regards to today being Pride day, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how amazing it was to see a tv show openly and beautifully discuss gay/lesbian couples that are raising a child. As of right now, many people tend to believe that a guy and girl should be the only ones to marry and only raise children. Anything outside that ideal image is frowned upon and not understood. To have such a political topic be portrayed on a comedic TV show makes it seem like such an easy idea, but people just can’t wrap there head around. Go tell them to watch this episode, it might help.

Lesson #2: Ross is a very interesting character for me and as this series continues I hope I can enlighten ya’ll to a slightly new perspective of him. Ross has had several opportunities to tell Rachel how he feels. In the pilot, at the very end, Ross asks Rachel if he can sometime maybe ask her out and she says yes. BUT HE LITERALLY NEVER DOES till like season 2/3. So the lesson here is, TAKE A CHANCE, DON’T GIVE UP. Life is so so short and you never know whats going to happen. Don’t be a Ross.

Lesson #3:

“Girls rule, boys drool” This part is rather important. Phoebe told Rachel that her boo made a pass at her. What i loved about this scene was

  • No one told Rachel till Phoebe did.
  • They apologized to each other and together realized it is his fault rather than getting mad at each other.
  •  They did not let some total fuck boy ruin there friendship, but they chose to strength there friendship.

It was such an empowering scene where two females supported each other and cared for each other. Instead of arguing and fighting. It showed a true friendship.


That’s all for the first post! I hope it was a delightful read ❤


Much love:


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movies used to be such a luxury; along with concerts. Now, anyone from anywhere and any kind of income can attend concerts and movies. It isn’t a luxury, rather a time to enjoy life and what it brings.

With concerts, it’s about seeing your favourite artist in reality and not just through your headphones or computer screen (back in the day: the radio). I, myself, have attended several and several concerts and I can’t imagine attending a concert that has people who were once smiling now running and bleeding and passed.

Hearing about what happened at Manchester breaks every bone in my body. Where people attended a concert that left them bleeding and possibly dead. 19 people passed away. And what did I do?  I carried on with my day and acted “normal”. I finally laid in my bed and put on some TV and reflected.

Reflected on how lucky I am to be sitting here alive, laughing at a TV show.

I’m sad and hurt. And wish I could help.

Here are some things we can do to help even just a little : 

– share posts about the victims. Remember them for having fun and enjoying life.

– share posts that having missing people from the concert!! Families are looking for their loved ones

– send strength and positivity!! It may not seem like a lot but it’s all we can do until more information comes out on how we can support the victims and families.

– spreading positivity everywhere you go!!

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families eh?

Being Indian/Punjabi/Sikh, our families tend to be pretty large. thats the stereo type at least. My family isn’t that large, at least my immediate family isn’t. The difficult part is arranging get togethers. Each like pod of family live in a different city either 40mins, 30mins, or 8 hours away.  So we have this rare occasion where my mom is off work and my aunt is in town. Great right?


Heres a cute background tale to shine some light on how close we all are –> I was born in a small town, Quesnel, and so were my cousins. We all lived in this HUGE house together and when my family of 4 moved out; we always visited in summers/winters. Randomly, I did grade 1 in Quesnel. So when we have events like Christmas, Halloween, Weddings, or mothers day, its like nostalgic all being together. Since i was little, I call my aunt and uncle – mom and dad. Also, why i love being with them on important events.

I am the greatest nerd for having everyone together. But my family is being so distant, so short tempered and confusing. It was so much easier having everyone in one house. Now, families have different families and its so confusing. Planning this mothers day is so difficult and at this point i don’t even know what i want! I would love it if we all could get together and have an outdoor activity. We always get dinner and just sit and eat… I find that so disconnected and impersonal.

These past couple years, I have realized how important family is to me and i don’t think my family knows how important they are? Or how important they should be. Theres some weird stuff happening in my family, like i don’t know what it is, i feel like its that quiet background noise that lingers and sooner or later it will implode. I just hope to be the rock for my family if that does happen.. But i hope it doesn’t.

My plan is to save enough money and plan a little trip in town with everyone. I feel like it would be marvellous.

Much love to my family.

and much love to you all for reading

Much Love: Amer.


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13 reasons why I think “13 reasons why” is a good show.


Notice how I said good show? That’s what I think of 13 reasons why; I think it’s good, not amazing or horrible. Here are my 13 reason why i think its a good show:

  1. It started this HUGE wave of conversation. I have never noticed this much conversation about a show with suicide, rape and mental health.
  2. Schools discussed it; which led to open discussions on suicide and mental health within the school systems.
  3. It shows a fairly real portrayal of bullying, cyber bullying, peer pressure in high school
  4. It has scenes that are difficult to watch because those scenes are difficult. They are a very real scenes for people in real life and it shows people who have witnessed or experienced scenes like so or people who haven’t what is happening in someones life and what needs to be done.
  5. It’s a TV show and not a documentary or PSA. It’s made in a way that young kids will actually pay attention to it
  6. It shows so so many different POV’s. Not just Hannah’s or Clay’s. It takes on how people react to realizing what they did, and how they did not know how much it would affect a person.
  7. It shows how stupid idiotic errors can make someone feel depressed, hurt, lost.
  8. It brutally points out how horrible high school is and why people suffer when it’s always just considered “high school”, “it’s only four years”, “just ignore them”.
  9. It shows how unequipped high school staff is, the lack of supports for kids. When Hannah died, people mourned for her, people wondered why she did it. This show explains that side of it. Those tapes are for those questions, and it shows how people claimed they cared for her or miss her, did not know where she was coming from cause once again “it was just high school”. There was a scene in one of the episodes; where two girls took a selfie by Hannah’s locker,that was all decorated in memory of her, and one of them had asked “what the hashtag was”. That part really stuck with me and the featured picture. People want to create change, even i do! After watching the scene it was obviously SOOO fake, like I was repulsed by that scene. Such simple actions can be taken, happy and nicer actions to prevent measures like so.
  10. It shows the after effect really well. It shows the parents suffering SO well. The bases of this TV show were the tapes. When people commit suicide, members of the family or friends are left with a note. This show/book changed that, it answered those questions, “why did she do it” “she was so pretty, why did she do it”  “so young, why?”. It also showed how little parents know about there kids. Its an important show for parents too because it displays how Hannah’s or Clay’s parents were so clueless. Even Courtney’s or Jessica’s parents. Talking about the difficult stuff is much better than waiting for your child to come to you, possibly when its too late.
  11. It shows aspects like PTSD, substance abuse, depression. And it shows how its hard for teenagers to find support without feeling the embarrassment of people finding out like friends or family.
  12. THE RANGE OF POC!!! I thought this was so important. It showed how simple it was to create a cast of different races!!! When i read the book I imagined Courtney totally different. I imagined a blonde, Caucasian girl. So i was V happy when i saw the range of different races in the cast.
  13. It was a good show. It does have definite trigger scenes, but thats what those scenes are and I’m happy they did not shy away from them.

Give it a try, but remember to be careful when watching it. It does give a disclaimer before an episode that might be a trigger warning. But may careful.

Much love: Amer



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A good motto for life, I feel. Kindness is defined as a “quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. In times like this, kindness can farther than anything. Sometimes kindness can come from common sense or going out of the way. With dark times around, kindness  is the best solution.

Be kind, ya’ll!

I consider myself a pretty kind person, sometimes I can get upset but I tend to check myself afterwards. Think “why is this negative thought is here?”  “Why is it important to think that?” We need to remember we aren’t perfect, so these thoughts are normal. It’s like this inner Regina George trying to take over, but the thought we have after, the Cady Heron, making sure we check ourselves and stay out of the burn book (MAJOR mean girl ref, didn’t even like the movie that much, but SOOO relevant)

I hope you insert some kindness this week!!

Much love: Amer