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The One with Joey’s bag// The One with the Ballroom Dancing

Synopsis of TOWJB: In this episode, Pheebs has to handle a death in the family; which, leads to her meet her father is. Monica and Chandler have a little bump in there relationship because Monica sucks at giving massages. Joey gets an interesting “fashionable” piece from Rachel.

Lesson #1: Not so much of a lesson but an understanding of Pheebs. She is my favourite character next to Chandler because of how hard her life growing up was, but resilient she had been. When she met her father whilst at her grandmothers funeral it was difficult for me to watch. Such a sad and heart breaking moment portrayed on a comedic show just shows the different levels “Friends” has. This only became aware to me as i watched the series so much and i began to notice the struggles through out the world like in foster cares, homelessness, and suicides. I do wish we could have gotten some kind of closure with Pheebs troubled life. Her birth mother, her father, her sister and half brother. So many family members were not acknowledged past like season 7? or 8? None of them were there for her wedding; which, really tweeked me. Sorry I know this isn’t so much a lesson but just a thought i had on this part of the episode.

Lesson 2: I feel like i have said this before, but HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. For monica and chandler—> honesty wasn’t used mostly for comedic purposes. The lesson here is not gigantic but ya’ll be honest with your SO as that is the best way to gain insight with each other rather than bottling things up. Try to speak in “i feel” sentences rather than blaming, yelling or whatever. For example, ” I feel you get annoyed when i talk about (insert topic) and I would like more patience”. Lol i ain’t no counselor, but that seems like a better route than yelling. To be honest, I need to work on this. I always start yelling instead of listening to how my SO feels.

Lesson 3: The bag. The purse. The UNISEX purse. Why are these given to women only? Boys always put stuff in our purses… why can’t they have one? Joey perfectly explains how useful the purse is for him and Chandler and Ross make fun of him. Once again, it was for comedic purposes. However, in the eyes of me, a person who has seen this series a bajillion times I feel the purse should be allowed!!! LET THE POOR FELLOW CARRY HIS SANDWICH AND MONEY IN PEACE!


Synopsis of TOWTBRD: In this episode, Joey helps Mr. Treeger practice ballroom dancing so Rachel and Monica don’t get evicted. Ross and Chandler try to quit the gym. Phoebe wants to date a massage client but it is against her oath and her company’s policy. 

Lesson #1: Joey stands up for Rachel, but it “backfires” as Mr.Treger threatens to evict Rachel and Monica. Mr.Treger compromises by asking if Joey can help him practice ballroom dancing with him. For the sake of his friends, he does!!!!! SO SWEET. The amount of times Joey has had his friends back always melts my heart. He is characterized has “a player” “a foodie” “a little dumb” BUT no one notices how effing sweet he is. Even though Monica and Rachel make fun of him— Monica says “How goes the dancing? Gay yet?”. WHY DOES JOEY HAVE TO BE GAY TO BE A DANCER. ugh. Lesson here is don’t stereotype basic activities— especially now because ANYONE CAN DO ANYTHING THAT MAKES THERE HEART HAPPY. And in Joey’s case, it was defending his friends from being EVICTED.

Lesson #2: WHY WHY WHY WHY DOES THE GYM AND BANK USE “FEMALES” TO ENTICE MALE CUSTOMERS TO STAY. Even when i watched the series for the first time i remember it annoying me. Ross and Chandler can’t quit the gym nor cancel there the bank accounts because the employees have “sexy” or “cute” women to force men to stay. LIKE WHY. Once again, i get it comedddddyyyyyyy. As a consistent Friends fan, this episode, especially this part, annoys me so much.


SORRY FOR THE SUPER DELAY IN POSTS. I have been in a weird funk, but i am back and “better than evaaaaa” 

Much love: Amer


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The One Without the Ski Trip

Synopsis: The gang is trying to adjust to Rachel and Ross breaking up. Awkwardness is placed when the rest of the gang has to choose who to hang out with– Ross or Rachel. 

The reason why I chose this episode is to try and explain why I am not the biggest fan of Ross. During this episode, Rachel asks the gang to attend a fashion show but they all say no because they have plans with Ross, but they makes plans for a different day. However, when they tell Ross he throws a fit and continues to throw a fit to his ex-wife on an important day for her about everyone ditching him. Ross is the saddest and most irrational character on this series.

He can’t accept Rachel’s success at her new job, he brings his worries and fears from a relationship that ended because of sexual differences not because they “fell out of love” or something, and he does not take the blame for actions he took when they took a break.

Lesson #1: When a couple breaks up and its in between a group, DON’T INVOLVE FRIENDS. It’s so apparent how much the rest of the gang suffers because of the pettiness and anger between Ross and Rachel. It’s hard enough on the group having to adjust to the separation, but involving friends just makes it like a war. I had a similar experience with two friends where it became impossibly hard to decide what to say to each friend and who to support. It took a strain on my own relationship and my other friends so the lesson I learnt is when a couple breaks up try your best not to get involved.

Lesson #2: Don’t be petty. I find that life is so short and it can be taken away at any time so why bother being petty? How does that help anyone… all it does is cloud your judgement, positivity, and attitude. Don’t create a life where you want to look back and say “why was I so upset?”. You could rather say “I am so happy I let that go…”

Being petty is something I used to do all the time. I would get mad at people and drop them like a fly, choose not to be there friend because of something someone said. I lost so many friendships and memories because of how I was. Thankfully, I aged and gained some insight, so now when i have chance to be petty I go the other way. I try and think of how that person feels, maybe why they are acting this way, and how I could approach it differently


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“we were on a BREAK”

Synopsis : Phoebe is on date with a fancy non english speaking guy. Monica tags along for the translator. Ross and Rachel have a massive fight– does not end well (dun dun dunnnn). Joey and Chandler hit on the Xerox copy girl.

This post will have lessons and my opinion on what i think what a “break is”

Lesson #1: Open minds allow for deeper understanding.    This is prominent for Ross. Ross takes his job very seriously, in fact, Ross and Rachel’s first date was at the museum where Ross works!!!! Having equal understanding between each other where work is just as important, if not more, than a relationship is extremely important for an healthy relationship. Ross lacks that; which, leads to the infamous “we were on a break scene”

Lesson #2: DON’T HOOK UP WITH SOMEONE IMMEDIATELY BREAKING UP WITH PREVIOUS SIGNIFICANT OTHER. In a relationship myself, breaks have really helped us. I feel they allow a broader and clearer perspective. It was not my first thought to bang someone else, and I’m sure my significant other did not want to either. Ross went to the bar and hooked up. Rachel stayed home and waited for Ross. The important part about Rachel here is: Rachel can have anyone over and Ross shouldn’t be upset. When there isn’t anything going on, don’t be jealous because it ruins and tarnishes everything. Rachel has told Ross multiple times that there isn’t anything going on between her and Mark, so Ross needs to grow emotionally and accept that. Don’t let your “crazy paranoid freaking out about your ex (who was a lesbian therefore has no control over not loving Ross anymore) ruin your present and future relationship”

Lesson #3: Don’t lie. Be honest. Ross runs around in the next episode “The one with the morning after” trying to hide his trail. I can assure you lying and covering up is not healthy. If you would want to be with the person honesty is the best policy, also if you are lying about something than you know something is wrong. Adjust your perspective and talk it out.

My opinion:

After years and years of watching FRIENDS, I can confidently say I agree with Rachel. The break was right and Ross had no right or sense to hook up with someone the same day. He does not at all get away it by “being on a break” and I count it as cheating.

Talk it out, don’t run away. Don’t let jealously ruin something so fricken special. And DO NOT SLEEP WITH SOMEONE RIGHT AFTER BREAKING UP WITH SOMEONE.

Thats all folks!

Much love: Amer