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2017 and onwards

This year was interesting. I definitely did not post as much as I wanted on here; which was very disappointing.

my resolution for 2018: to post more. Not just Friends posts, but poems, reflections, GAP outfits, wedding/engagement stuff, and the occasional Friends episode. I want to have something that I can write in FREELY.

I recently cleaned a bunch of stuff out of my room and found an old diary. Honestly, the most precious thing I found where I mostly complained about boys and such.

However, I want to try realllllly hard to post more on here. I have fewer days of classes, so I’m going to add posting on here more into my schedule.

The GAP outfits are what I am really stoked about. I have so many cute ensembles from the GAP and I cannot wait to share!

To end this:

’twas a great year. filled with moments of emotions. filled with memories, but at times soon forgotten. with keyboards and books. screens and stress. coffee and insomnia. It is over, so near. and we shall wait with impatience as the new year comes here. -abains


much love: Amer


A loud mouth girl with some thoughts. - Avid FRIENDS fan - Animals, Animals, Animals - Current social work student This is a place for all my thoughts, stories, opinions, and sometimes suggestions. Hope you enjoy! much love: Amer

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