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The One with the Kips

Synopsis: Monica and Chandler want to be a “real couple”, so they decide to go to Denver for a weekend getaway; however, they do have a lover’s quarrel.  Joey finds about their secret relationship. Ross finally gets in touch with Emily, but she proposes a proposition that is difficult for the entire group- Ross and Rachel specifically. Not a lot happens with Pheobe in this episode. She does get upset at Rachel because Rachel said Pheobe would be the first one out of the group. 

The Kip is this guy that Monica used to date, but they broke up and it was so bad. Everyone promised to keep in touch with Kip, but no one did and he got lifted out.

It always makes me laugh that I write each character’s actions and how they resonate with me because I know it is a TV show, but I love discussing aspects about it. The characters have become so important to me over the years and I have been enjoying sharing my thoughts and opinions. 

Lesson #1

I think this is the first time I actually felt bad for Ross but even then I don’t fully feel bad for him I still feel bad. He messed up by saying the wrong name then decided to go on his honeymoon with the person he named at the alter (also, it was his EX-GIRLFRIEND) (WHO SET THEM UP, BUT BEFORE THAT ROSS STILL WAS NOT OVER RACHEL). However, the poor guy is in such a rock and a hard place between deciding who to pick: his wife or his best friend/childhood friend/ex-girlfriend. As a social worker, I always try and see a situation from the persons POV. So for Ross, understanding his situation helps someone, like his friends, support and love him.  Instead of focusing on his past mistakes, which is what Joey said: “you got married too early.” It tends to be easier on the person who is the “victim” to understand and listen rather than blame and share advice that is not helpful.


Lesson #2:

This one is about Emily. I feel her actions and feelings were totally justified. I would not trust my husband with the person’s name he said at our wedding or the one he was boarding a plane with to go on the honeymoon! Also, I would like to applaud Emily pre-wedding ceremony because she was totally fine with Ross and Rachel being friends. When Ross is confused about inviting Rachel to the wedding; Emily was super supportive and said: “Yes, I love Rachel.”  The lesson here is, don’t be defensive, but rather own up to your mistakes and acknowledge the person’s feeling, give them room to work on their feelings, and re-adjusting. Also, for Emily, moving to the States from London is a huge culture shock, so with the added stress and paranoia, she could be feeling more anxiety over the Ross/Rachel situation.

Sidenote: This whole Ross/Rachel drama happened because the actor who played Emily was expecting a child!! So, they had to squeeze her out in a drama shaken way.

So sorry for the delay of posts. I started school this fall and it is SOOOOOOOOOOO difficult to keep up.


Much love: Amer






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