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The One with the Embryo’s

Synopsis: Phoebe is preparing to be a surrogate for her half-brother and wife, Frank and Alice. The rest of the gang have a “who knows each other better” contest with the bet of apartment changing and bird removing. 

I have decided to share more than just “lessons”. I have kinda already started doing that, but I just wanted to openly state it.

Lesson #1:  Another cute thing about this series is how they use different means of family making lol.

Phoebe is a surrogate, Monica and Chandler adopt, and Rachel becomes a single mom. I love how they don’t use the basic “get married and have sex and WAMBAM kid”. Even though Monica and Chandler were married they had to adopt– while displaying how difficult and confusing adoption process is.  The lesson here is; which i feel more Millennials are more intrigued by- is there are several options when it comes to making a family and it does not always involve sperm and egg. It can be adoption of any race, any age. It can be surrogacy, and it can be fur babies. I always tell my SO that our house is going to have several different animals and like 2 kids.

Fun fact about Pheebs getting pregnant is because she was in real life so they incorporated in the most Phoebe-esk way possible. 

Lesson 2: Once again, not so much of a lesson but a thought process. It warms my heart how Joey and Chandler know Monica and Rachel so well. Especially because they all end up together.

(In my universe, Rachel and Joey end up together. Screw Ross)

Great relationships are formed from a deep connection and in this case it was friendship that help built 2 strong relationships. Obviously, not all relationships need to be built from friendship. I just found that in these two cases it was presented very well. This group of friends know each other so well because of how much they hang out– so hangout with your friends !!! I only have a few and I do not see them often, but i do talk to them pretty often, so i know them pretty well. I wouldn’t be able to answer the questions like these guys did, but a few questions i probably could.

That’s all folks!


Much love: Amer



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