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One hundred and fifty years old

Happy birthday Canada!

Thank you for being the home to so many different races, religions, customs, languages, and food. I am so grateful I was able to grow up in a country that allowed me to attend education past grade 8, did not require to do hard labour in a corn field, or do house chores and prepare to be a wife.

This was the life of my parents. They had to talk several miles to attend school, no longer be able to attend pass grades 8 or 10, or learn how to make all kinds of food at a young age.

On this day especially I like to remind myself how lucky and fortunate my brother and I were raised in a country where multiculturalism is the key to our country. Where kindness is the running joke of our country. Where there’s endless amounts of poutine.

However, I owe some time of remembrance and recognition to the individuals who birthed this land. Gave this land grass, crops, life, and more than we could ever say. The Aboriginal population have been on “Canada” for longer than 150 years and so it goes to say we would not be here without them.

Take sometime to remember what the Aboriginal population has been through and still is going through. Canada, I love you and I cannot wait to see how you spread that love all around with acceptance, recognition, and understanding.

Much love: Amer


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