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The lesbian wedding

Season 2, Episode 11

Synopsis: Rachel finds out her mother might be leaving her father. Phoebe’s client passes away on her massage table and her spirit doesn’t want to leave. Ross’s ex wife is getting married. Joey is on his first TV show! Chandler is chilling.

Lesson #1: Don’t knock what you don’t believe. Something as interesting as a spirit entering someone’s body may also be confusing to some, but that does not mean you should take away that belief. Joey was so understanding to Phoebe when she was going through this “event”. For me, it was warming to see a different kind of situation take place on a TV show. With it being such a “funny” and “unknown” topic, it was nice seeing how they portrayed it. They did not make Phoebe seem “crazy”, but something apart of her personality, something that makes Phoebe Pheebs.

Lesson #2: It is easier to live life being happy for someone rather than bitter. Ross is upset and decides not to attend his ex wife and mother to his child wedding to her partner, Susan Bunch. “They already live together, why do they need to get married?” is a line from Ross, and sadly, what a lot of individuals think when it comes to gay marriage. The running joke through out the show is Ross likes to get married. So, he knows exactly why people want to get married. To celebrate their love with there families and friends, to officially honour there relationship though there means of religion, for tax reasons! Theres a trillion reasons why marriage is important for a couple, no matter the type of couple. At the end, Ross finally comes around because him and Susan agree that the wedding is for themselves and not anyone. Ross walks Carol down the isle because Carol’s parents don’t want to come due to who Carol is marrying. Which ties in my first sentence. Living life is easier by being happy for someone rather than bitter. It is easier to walk your daughter down the isle and be happy for her than miss out on her big day because of some belief in a book.

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