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!! New Series Alert !!

Hello there,

So, for those who don’t know or do that those and this can just be a friendly reminder. I AM A HUGE FRIENDS FAN. I watch the TV show almost everyday– like even when I’m showering lol. I have all the DVDS– main reason why i got a laptop with a DVD thingy in it– I know all the extra feature scenes, and I can basically recite each episode. As I got older, I started to notice certain aspects from the TV show the shine a light on current events. For example, relationships. Ross and Rachel did not have the greatest relationship and that was very well showed in the show; where as, Chandler and Monica had a rather “better one”.

Furthermore, I have decided to dedicate this summer to my favourite TV show and point out episodes and the lesson behind them.

The inspiration was along time coming, I always like tell my friends the lesson I gained from each episode. However, I had to do an essay about why i think Friends is such a good TV show, and writing it out was difficult because I have so many reasons as to why I think it’s a good show. So, introducing my blog! Here, I am choosing to share these thoughts and lessons. I really really hope you all appreciate it!

Here is my first post:

Season 1 Episode 12: The one with the dozen lasagnas 

Synopsis: Monica makes 12 lasagnas that were supposed to be veggie but she made meat. Joey and Chandler have to buy a table. Ross finds out the sex of his child. Rachel and Phoebe have to deal with a fuckboi.

Lesson #1: Friends was the first TV show to have a lesbian couple and to have a child raised by three parents. The producers were expecting a bunch of complaints; however, only received 3 COMPLIMENTS! In regards to today being Pride day, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss how amazing it was to see a tv show openly and beautifully discuss gay/lesbian couples that are raising a child. As of right now, many people tend to believe that a guy and girl should be the only ones to marry and only raise children. Anything outside that ideal image is frowned upon and not understood. To have such a political topic be portrayed on a comedic TV show makes it seem like such an easy idea, but people just can’t wrap there head around. Go tell them to watch this episode, it might help.

Lesson #2: Ross is a very interesting character for me and as this series continues I hope I can enlighten ya’ll to a slightly new perspective of him. Ross has had several opportunities to tell Rachel how he feels. In the pilot, at the very end, Ross asks Rachel if he can sometime maybe ask her out and she says yes. BUT HE LITERALLY NEVER DOES till like season 2/3. So the lesson here is, TAKE A CHANCE, DON’T GIVE UP. Life is so so short and you never know whats going to happen. Don’t be a Ross.

Lesson #3:

“Girls rule, boys drool” This part is rather important. Phoebe told Rachel that her boo made a pass at her. What i loved about this scene was

  • No one told Rachel till Phoebe did.
  • They apologized to each other and together realized it is his fault rather than getting mad at each other.
  •  They did not let some total fuck boy ruin there friendship, but they chose to strength there friendship.

It was such an empowering scene where two females supported each other and cared for each other. Instead of arguing and fighting. It showed a true friendship.


That’s all for the first post! I hope it was a delightful read ❤


Much love:



A loud mouth girl with some thoughts. - Avid FRIENDS fan - Animals, Animals, Animals - Current social work student This is a place for all my thoughts, stories, opinions, and sometimes suggestions. Hope you enjoy! much love: Amer

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