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movies used to be such a luxury; along with concerts. Now, anyone from anywhere and any kind of income can attend concerts and movies. It isn’t a luxury, rather a time to enjoy life and what it brings.

With concerts, it’s about seeing your favourite artist in reality and not just through your headphones or computer screen (back in the day: the radio). I, myself, have attended several and several concerts and I can’t imagine attending a concert that has people who were once smiling now running and bleeding and passed.

Hearing about what happened at Manchester breaks every bone in my body. Where people attended a concert that left them bleeding and possibly dead. 19 people passed away. And what did I do?  I carried on with my day and acted “normal”. I finally laid in my bed and put on some TV and reflected.

Reflected on how lucky I am to be sitting here alive, laughing at a TV show.

I’m sad and hurt. And wish I could help.

Here are some things we can do to help even just a little : 

– share posts about the victims. Remember them for having fun and enjoying life.

– share posts that having missing people from the concert!! Families are looking for their loved ones

– send strength and positivity!! It may not seem like a lot but it’s all we can do until more information comes out on how we can support the victims and families.

– spreading positivity everywhere you go!!


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