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families eh?

Being Indian/Punjabi/Sikh, our families tend to be pretty large. thats the stereo type at least. My family isn’t that large, at least my immediate family isn’t. The difficult part is arranging get togethers. Each like pod of family live in a different city either 40mins, 30mins, or 8 hours away.  So we have this rare occasion where my mom is off work and my aunt is in town. Great right?


Heres a cute background tale to shine some light on how close we all are –> I was born in a small town, Quesnel, and so were my cousins. We all lived in this HUGE house together and when my family of 4 moved out; we always visited in summers/winters. Randomly, I did grade 1 in Quesnel. So when we have events like Christmas, Halloween, Weddings, or mothers day, its like nostalgic all being together. Since i was little, I call my aunt and uncle – mom and dad. Also, why i love being with them on important events.

I am the greatest nerd for having everyone together. But my family is being so distant, so short tempered and confusing. It was so much easier having everyone in one house. Now, families have different families and its so confusing. Planning this mothers day is so difficult and at this point i don’t even know what i want! I would love it if we all could get together and have an outdoor activity. We always get dinner and just sit and eat… I find that so disconnected and impersonal.

These past couple years, I have realized how important family is to me and i don’t think my family knows how important they are? Or how important they should be. Theres some weird stuff happening in my family, like i don’t know what it is, i feel like its that quiet background noise that lingers and sooner or later it will implode. I just hope to be the rock for my family if that does happen.. But i hope it doesn’t.

My plan is to save enough money and plan a little trip in town with everyone. I feel like it would be marvellous.

Much love to my family.

and much love to you all for reading

Much Love: Amer.



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