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13 reasons why I think “13 reasons why” is a good show.


Notice how I said good show? That’s what I think of 13 reasons why; I think it’s good, not amazing or horrible. Here are my 13 reason why i think its a good show:

  1. It started this HUGE wave of conversation. I have never noticed this much conversation about a show with suicide, rape and mental health.
  2. Schools discussed it; which led to open discussions on suicide and mental health within the school systems.
  3. It shows a fairly real portrayal of bullying, cyber bullying, peer pressure in high school
  4. It has scenes that are difficult to watch because those scenes are difficult. They are a very real scenes for people in real life and it shows people who have witnessed or experienced scenes like so or people who haven’t what is happening in someones life and what needs to be done.
  5. It’s a TV show and not a documentary or PSA. It’s made in a way that young kids will actually pay attention to it
  6. It shows so so many different POV’s. Not just Hannah’s or Clay’s. It takes on how people react to realizing what they did, and how they did not know how much it would affect a person.
  7. It shows how stupid idiotic errors can make someone feel depressed, hurt, lost.
  8. It brutally points out how horrible high school is and why people suffer when it’s always just considered “high school”, “it’s only four years”, “just ignore them”.
  9. It shows how unequipped high school staff is, the lack of supports for kids. When Hannah died, people mourned for her, people wondered why she did it. This show explains that side of it. Those tapes are for those questions, and it shows how people claimed they cared for her or miss her, did not know where she was coming from cause once again “it was just high school”. There was a scene in one of the episodes; where two girls took a selfie by Hannah’s locker,that was all decorated in memory of her, and one of them had asked “what the hashtag was”. That part really stuck with me and the featured picture. People want to create change, even i do! After watching the scene it was obviously SOOO fake, like I was repulsed by that scene. Such simple actions can be taken, happy and nicer actions to prevent measures like so.
  10. It shows the after effect really well. It shows the parents suffering SO well. The bases of this TV show were the tapes. When people commit suicide, members of the family or friends are left with a note. This show/book changed that, it answered those questions, “why did she do it” “she was so pretty, why did she do it”  “so young, why?”. It also showed how little parents know about there kids. Its an important show for parents too because it displays how Hannah’s or Clay’s parents were so clueless. Even Courtney’s or Jessica’s parents. Talking about the difficult stuff is much better than waiting for your child to come to you, possibly when its too late.
  11. It shows aspects like PTSD, substance abuse, depression. And it shows how its hard for teenagers to find support without feeling the embarrassment of people finding out like friends or family.
  12. THE RANGE OF POC!!! I thought this was so important. It showed how simple it was to create a cast of different races!!! When i read the book I imagined Courtney totally different. I imagined a blonde, Caucasian girl. So i was V happy when i saw the range of different races in the cast.
  13. It was a good show. It does have definite trigger scenes, but thats what those scenes are and I’m happy they did not shy away from them.

Give it a try, but remember to be careful when watching it. It does give a disclaimer before an episode that might be a trigger warning. But may careful.

Much love: Amer




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