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A good motto for life, I feel. Kindness is defined as a “quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. In times like this, kindness can farther than anything. Sometimes kindness can come from common sense or going out of the way. With dark times around, kindness  is the best solution.

Be kind, ya’ll!

I consider myself a pretty kind person, sometimes I can get upset but I tend to check myself afterwards. Think “why is this negative thought is here?”  “Why is it important to think that?” We need to remember we aren’t perfect, so these thoughts are normal. It’s like this inner Regina George trying to take over, but the thought we have after, the Cady Heron, making sure we check ourselves and stay out of the burn book (MAJOR mean girl ref, didn’t even like the movie that much, but SOOO relevant)

I hope you insert some kindness this week!!

Much love: Amer





A loud mouth girl with some thoughts. - Avid FRIENDS fan - Animals, Animals, Animals - Current social work student This is a place for all my thoughts, stories, opinions, and sometimes suggestions. Hope you enjoy! much love: Amer

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